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a Better World

"Eco-Asis aims to create an environmentally and culturally restorative world for everyone."  

- Lynne Irvine, Founder


As a leader in the regenerative development movement,

Eco-Asis is committed to reducing our environmental impact through intentional design, purchasing, innovation, and investment. 


At Eco-Asis, we use Design Thinking, an advanced methodology developed by the renowned Harvard School of Business, to view challenges as opportunities. Our approach involves generating diverse and innovative solutions, showing empathy when addressing problems, and working with cross-disciplinary

teams to achieve our objectives. This process promotes innovation by fostering collaboration, cultivating creativity,

and testing potential solutions without fearing failure to improve our DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear that taking care

of our health is crucial, as is the need to create resilient environments and strong social connections. Eco-Asis enhances overall health and well-being with DESIGN SOLUTIONS prioritizing indoor air quality, clean energy and water, healthy food, and community connection.  We take pride in creating environments that promote health and well-being in the indoor environments where we spend up to 90% of our time. Our Design Portfolio includes LEED®, Living Building®, and WELL Building® solutions.  To learn more about our client-centered DESIGN SOLUTIONS, please CLICK HERE.


Over the past decade, Eco-Asis has secured over $104 million in grants, low-interest loans, and contributions from private and public sources. Our DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS include creating comprehensive business plans, thorough feasibility studies, compelling grant proposals,  proven marketing strategies, and meaningful relationships with investors and donors.  We have also helped clients establish nonprofit entities.

We take pride in our Development Portfolio, which showcases our commitment to environmental and cultural sustainability.

To learn more about our client-centered DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS, please CLICK HERE.


Investors, regulators, and funders are increasingly interested in putting their money where their values are. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards help socially conscious funders and investors screen and support ethical, responsible corporate policy. ESG data provides an objective tool for evaluating a company's risk to the forces of change and

its ability to adapt and thrive. Eco-Asis is committed to helping organizations achieve their full potential, mitigate risk,  and create an environmentally and culturally restorative world. Please CONTACT US to learn more about our ESG SOLUTIONS.

Clean Energy
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Clean Air & Water
Green Buildings
Healthy Food
Artistic Expression
Community Connection
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D E V E L O P M E N T   &.  D E S I G N   S O L U T I O N S

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