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What if a factory could be a garden of health and productivity?

Under the guidance of William McDonough + Partners [WM+P], Hero MotoCorp built a new kind of factory; one which goes beyond its central mission, the making of two-wheeled vehicles. The Garden FactoryTM, consisting of the Manufacturing Plant and Global Parts Center, demonstrates how an industrial workplace can be beneficial, healthful, and even life-affirming.

This new factory for the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer is located in the arid climate of northeast Rajasthan; a place where heat and humidity are pervasive and water is a valued resource. In response, WM+P has designed a facility which brings nature and technology together. Vegetation surrounds the workplace, penetrates inside to the assembly line, and makes its way onto the roof; at every scale enhancing ambient temperatures, air quality, and the visual environment.

Key features of the design:

Efficient Building Envelope

The support structure is located above the roof, freeing the interior for manufacturing and providing flexibility for future changes. Because the roof trusses are outside the building envelope, there is less interior volume to be cooled.

Long span trusses cross the manufacturing space at a 45 degree angle, providing optimal southern exposure for a rooftop solar panel array.

Renewable Energy

The photovoltaic panels will provide approximately 5.5 Megawatts of direct current electricity to the air conditioning system.

Healthy Indoor Environment & Energy Effectiveness

Air for space conditioning is provided ductlessly by two “Big Foot” air handlers and distributed via displacement ventilation.

Positive pressurization ensures a nearly dust free environment.

Waste heat recovery offsets the need for boilers or hot water heaters. Rooftop greenhouses and interior biowalls will be irrigated by condensate from the air conditioning system.

Continuous linear skylights are shaded by the photovoltaic panels. Additional shade film, provides glare-free daylight to the factory floor.

Through skylights and eye-level windows, workers will be aware of the rhythms of sun and weather; a significant factor in increased productivity. Sunlight replaces electrical lighting during many work hours.

Break rooms for factory workers provide access to daylight and purified air. A biowall uses vegetation to filter contaminants and supplement oxygen.

A company canteen full of daylight will provide workers with a respite from the factory floor. Outdoor terraces and indoor/outdoor vegetation will enhance the dining atmosphere.

Food Production

Water and Energy Optimization

The landscape vegetation includes native, drought tolerant plants.

Hero will return water to the aquifer at 1.8x the amount extracted for use in the factory.

Vegetated roof surfaces, between the greenhouses, will capture rainwater and shade the roof from the sun. This provides a 20% reduction in air conditioning requirements.

LED lighting and digital controls contribute to an advanced state-of-the art energy effective facility.

Public Amenities

A visitor center, viewing mezzanine, and tower will allow Hero MotoCorp to share the manufacturing experience and history of the company with the public.

Healthy Building Materials

Building materials have been considered for their impact on human and ecological health. The metal cladding on the front facade meets the criteria of the Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM Products Program.

The Garden FactoryTM

Through the integration of on-site energy generation in combination with the Big Foot, biowall, and greenhouses, the facility will be a demonstration of eight-fold generation. This means that the factory will generate or harvest eight things:

  • Electricity from solar energy

  • Oxygen and clean filtered air for people inside the facility

  • Irrigation water for the vegetation

  • Hot water

  • Cooling

  • Carbon dioxide to feed the vegetation

  • Food

  • Jobs

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